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Шанталь Кревьязук Шанталь КревьязукКанадская исполнительница, одаренная певица и музыкант.

Co Dependant

When I go swimming

In your intellect

The water's so shallow

And the dialect is so phony

But I eat it up like bologna

I can't get enough

Well I...should end it

But I...defend it

Well I...can't comprehend it

'Cause I'm your co-dependent

When you go fishing for a compliment

It's so, so obvious

But I can't help it

So I put up with it

'Cause your my habit

And I just can't quit


The world keeps spinning

Lucifer keeps sinning

The joker keeps grinning

But I need a new beginning

Chorus [x2]

Baby, be my co-dependent

Шанталь Кревьязук

Co Dependant / Шанталь Кревьязук

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