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Fools Parade

Dive into your angel heart

You gotta push it away kick it real hard

But don't let it be

Do whatever you do to feel free

And if they don't understand you

Tell 'em to skip the first part

I drive a cadillac in a fool's parade

Try to convince me and gimme a break

No one who controls no one to destroy or rip it apart

Now I can do whatever I want

With all the reasons you had to bring me down

It was a mistake

I drive a cadillac in a fool's parade

Hang on to the things you believe

Don't let it come over you

And take you over to behave

Strange how it feels to be on my own

Talking to myself enjoying to be alone

I drive a cadillac in a fool's parade

I'm breaking out of my nut case

I try to find my way out of any place

Thank you for helping me and waking me up

Thank you for killing me and bringing me luck

I'm all alone and doing real fine

You had it your way now it's mine

Inside of me I got rid of a rock

I feel stronger now so what the fuck

Channel Zero

Fools Parade / Channel Zero

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