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No more

Your mind's an engine

That drives a wheel

A wheel that burns in the flesh

Like flesh on hot steel

I wanna make you suffer, I wanna make you feel

I wanna make you feel so bad

You'd even kill yourself to heal

No more

Now things have changed nothing remains the same

Once you were the proud, the gift, the son

Of your father's game. I wanna make you listen

To the words I found to hold your throat

And see you scream without a sound.

No more

Your hands are shakin, I'll make you dance

Further on now, kiss the devil's romance

Hate me, love me, I hate you, love..... ?

I'll use my hands and transform you

Into pieces I will tear you

Never had the will to bring you down

But now that I'm strong as you

I'd like to beat you to the ground

I'm feeling better

And wish that you could see

How I'm doing the same old things you did to me

Channel Zero

No more / Channel Zero

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