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feat. Ms. Toi

Wilin in the club smoking hash with my niggas

???? liquor put my mack on a strippa

But she gasped on a a nigga flashed me her figure

Ready to take this bitch in the bathroom and hit her

This other nigga stepped up tryin to rap on a nigga

Tryin to battle spittin bull trash through a nigga

Must have been blazed off the sacks we deliver

Cause my rhymes on the scale be the last on the rhicter

This nigga had ice, I'm about to jack like the ripper

I chill cause I'm still tryin to get ass from the stripper

Bust up in a mickey from the glass that I slipped her

Cause the bitch blacked out and made a dash at the nigga

I held it down then I laughed at the nigga

He came back throwin arms fast like a pitcher

Then I put it on this nigga like a blast from the trigger

Took all the ice and cash from the nigga

Chorus (4x)

Put it on a nigga

Put it on a nigga

Put it on Put it on and shitted on a nigga

Fuck the glitter, im bigga, so why you frontin on a nigga

Only time you know a nigga is when you smokin wit a nigga

I be rappin east and westin so not a question who got the blessin

Buddah, while niggaz be smokin my shit like Smiff & Wesson

We put it on a nigga, its the supreme shot liquor

Up in ?cheetas? with your sister about to put it on a nigga

Smoke it out with the mixture then get caught up in a figure

It be Mr. Green layin more dick than Dirt Digler

Make figures, shine bright like God over niggas

I wake up every morning smoke an el wit niggas

With the hydraploric mixture

Do a one hit and quiter

You can be the size of Big Pun my herb will lift ya

The power ????? used to hit my babysitter

I put it on a sister with my dick just past my zipper

I was 5 when I did her

And I'm live when I hit ya

The funk funk shitter to put it on motherfuckers


(Ms. Toi)

Shit what, as I flip what, on a nigga

Niggas better pay me for my verse on my ?spilla?

The pimpa it's miss teasy and you the ????

But if your dick is short than I'm about to call Godzilla

Platinum realeses and new realses sellin my name bigger

Channel live checkin for ???? day my niggas

This ???? and we can negotiate the figures

And possible I'll go with the feat

If it's the realer and dealer and causin casualties from niggas

And my brigade is gonna ride and pistol whip these niggas

And if you got any questions im to a sister

And yes my name is Miss Toi so dont try and play wit her

From coast to coast you know im gonna ride to check the ?milla?

And in the year 2g's be ready for the superheroes

I soacialize and get paid then I can work wit ya

But I put on, shit it on, spit it on niggas

chorus till end


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