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Visit Me

Sittin' here lonely

Wonderin' if you're home

Thinkin' about callin' you

Cuz I don't wanna be alone

The fireplace is burnin'

But baby yet I'm still cold (mm-hmm)

Without your body next to me

Somehow I just don't feel whole, no

I'll leave the door unlocked for you

Just come right on in

And make yourself comfortable

I'll treat you like a friend


We can talk about some things

And baby we can do some things

The perfect night for company

I need you to visit me

Let's disappoint some friends

And let 'em know we're stayin' in

Makin' love until no end

I need you to visit me

Now you don't have to phone me first

Cuz baby I'll be right here (right here babe)

I've got the whole night planned for us

Now all I need is your body near

Boy you know what bell to ring

Don't you make me wait too long

Now you should get over baby

Make yourself right at home


Now once you get over

(Once you get over here my darling)

You will never wanna leave, no

(You won't ever want to leave my darling)

See forever is a plan that I have for you

Are you ready (are you ready)

To come over (to come over)

Cuz I'm waiting for your loving

We can talk about kissing and huggin'

And touchin', feelin'

Are you willing?

Ohh, come on over to my place

And let me love your body down (love you down)

Said we both could use some good lovin' tonight, yeah

So much to talk about

Here I am, a lonely woman

And there you are, a lonely man (mmm)

See we got so much in common

That baby you should be my man (mm-hmm)

See my body is calling you

And your body is calling me

So come on over baby

And let's talk about something

Chorus Fade

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