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I Been Feeling Kinda Strange Lately, I Don't

know what's going on baby, ever since I came back

from outta town something's tellin' me som bullshit

is going down.

CHORUS(1): Boy is there someone else you're seeing

my body's tellin' me you're creepin', finding

number's in your jeans, you're talking in your sleep,

faded letter's remind me get O.U.T.

CHORUS(2): No more sittin' at home alone, while

you're round with somebody else, no more starin' at

the phone,'cause I can do betta by myself

It's obvious how thing's have changed within' a year,

just give me half of the rent and get outta here, no

more talkin' save your lies for somebody else, keep

on walkin' 'cause I can do betta by myself.




I gave you all, all of my time, but you did not know

a good thang, if it stares you in your face.




Oh oh oh oh Hey ey ey ey Oh oh oh oh Hey ey ey ey

CHORUS(2): (until fade)

G.h.e.t.t.o.u.t. /

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