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In The Evening

Do you remember when this number first come out, man?

Yeah, I was a young boy and you were an old man!

The old master used to do this number... old man Roosevelt Sykes.

He the first one I heard gassin' on with this number,

"In the evening when the sun go down". And I used to be crazy

about that number, you know? I used to have a gal in my arm, you know...

a bottle of corn liquor on my left... (Moonshine, man). Oh, no

moonshine man, corn whiskey! C.H.O.D.N., corn, man, real corn, you know!

(yeah) And, and, I mean, I'd get in the groove, and... and

this is what I would say, man, with that gal on my left...

I'd let her know that I was no square, that I was hip.


In the evening, in the evening

In the evening, when the sun go down

In the evening, baby when the sun go down

Nighttime is the right time

To be with the one you love

In the evening, when the sun go down

The sun rise, rise in the east

And it sets down in the west

The sun rise in the east, baby

And it sets down in the west

Well, well I love, love two women

Ain't it hard to tell which one you love the best

In the evening, when the sun go down


Look out there, Mickey, talk about it now

Well I'll be doggone

(Mickey's solo)

Oh, you're really going in the sun there!

Stay out of the sun, doc, you're goin' back to Mississippi...

Yeah, that's bad!

Mmmmm, I believe I'll try a little bit of that myself, man

(Jack's solo)

Well the sun goes sinking down with that one....

I got to sing a little bit more of that other man, 'cause that's somethin'!

(Talk about it like a dog!)


I'm a warn you, I'm a warn you one

In The Evening /

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