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Big Legged Sally

Well hello Georges, well I'll be doggone! I hadn't seen you in a long time, man,

where have you been?

Well, you see, I've been hangin' around but eh... I ain't been doin' no good

Well you ain't been goin' to the right places man,

you must go to the right places, you know.

The right places is where I go!

Well... where's that? Where's that place you go?

And then... and then...

You know that big fat woman they call Big Sally? You-you know Big Sally?

You mean that - you mean that big woman with her chest hangin'

down below her knees?

Yes... that's the one I'm talkin' about.

Everytime she walks she kick herself in the chest.

Yes, I remember that.

Uh, well look friend, I tell ya - I tell ya what you should do for me. You

should sing a couple of numbers, you know, short numbers and then

I'll take the rest. You know what you used to sing?

What was - what was I used to sing?

Ah.. the one about... what Shakespeare wrote... you know: "Mama

move your false teeth papa wanna scratch your gums" or somethin'

like that you know - you understand, yeah. All right, now look. You

sing a verse and then I'll sing a verse.

Well early in the mornin', when I wake up in my bed...

That's it! That's it! That's it! Sing that one, yeah, that's good.

Or did you wake up, you know.

Early in the mornin' yes..

You sound like my mother-in-law, you know...

Yes when I wake up in my bed...

Scoobydoobydoo... that's it, that's it, yeah...

Yeah I don't have no money

You never did!

But I have the blues in my bread

No no li-li-li

Big Legged Sally /

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