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 Chamillionaire Chamillionaireрэппер

Rich Niggaz



My car sittin' as low as the IQ of kids on short yellow busses

Comin' slow like a cripple handicap kid, on crutches

Got more ice then Miller Light and a 100,000 slushes

Got somethin' in my clutches made for niggaz holdin' grudges

Poppa lookin' for a bootlegger I can abuse tonight

My princess got cut and I ain't even used a knife

You want me to lose my life, because you know you'll lose ya wife

When ya see me, you'll try to fight and then you'll be a loser twice

You as broke as the answering machine that never wants to answer

All eyes on me like the tat on a top-less tittie dancer

Is Chamillion cheap? Yeah..Enn nigga wrong answer

Screen fall's bout to Reign-Deer like Glitchen and Prancer

Ya misses wishes to give me kisses and be my Mrs'

Sit on more damn deep-dishes then some friend up..catfishes

I make myself laugh, twinkies out-crawlin' ya

I'm worth the price of a country so they call me Zamalia

You can call me baller trainer, when I tell ya I'm the boss

You want a verse and I don't like you, I'ma jack up my cost

I want a burger and a french fry, do that come with sauce?

I want a 'lac with a jumble-jack jack do that come with gloss?

We as throwed as a softball after the pitcher toss it

Paint wet as a leaky faucet, drippin' also when I floss

It's the..Chamillionaire, Hakim, Super Doopa King

Hoes say that I can sing, but I still do know bling

[Chorus - Papa Reu]

We got..hella TV's twinkies too

Call up Ron C when I need to be chopped


Rich Niggaz / Chamillionaire

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