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 Chamillionaire Chamillionaireрэппер

Power Up Freestyle

[O.G. Ron C]

Here Lizard, Lizard, Lizard


Uh, you already know

Look..lobster and shrimp on a deep-dish

Eatin' dinner while she strip

But who's gonna pay the tip? Me

One G keep this

Sike, me trick you wish

Can have any girl we pick

Twinky-Deuce under the ship

So a glock stuck to the hip

Chamillionaire, aww he sick

Man I swear that niggaz throwed

Me, 20 off of the road

Lew Hawk, belts, buckles and vogues

Am I a plastic surgeon? No

But I'll re-arrange a niggaz nose

When he drop I'll take his cell phone and call up that niggaz hoe

Whoa! flow cost ya know it

Foreign too large to tow it

Scared of the dark, turn on the neons cuz I'm flostraphobic

Get away spin a trey liquor they bought to po' it

What you think I spent 10 G's on my trunk, just not to show it

Open up stop and go it

100 G's got to score

My trunk is liftin' up and droppin' down like trunk popparobics

Ladies gon' jock? ya know it

Wanna lick cock and blow it

Platinum they got to throw it

Err, ways stop and slow it

Head spinnin' like a whirl-wind

Forgot, do I gotta girlfriend

Hot car? nah okay she can rock my whirlwind

Virgin's in the Burban

I'm bought my damn car from Satan

Cuz my tires is on fire, when I pulled up on the dayton's

Ain't no need for debatin' I'm the Boss of the Hoss

When the Super King, Koopa's seen, trick it's off with ya blouse

I'm bout to get tossed, by the nigga with the mouth full of gloss

Keep it tight get it right, it's the ...


Power Up Freestyle / Chamillionaire

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