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Move Bitch Freestyle


You know that feelin' you get when you in love, what do ya call it?

I don't know but I only feel like that when I open my wallet

Wanna be hard..retards actin' like they ain't fraud

Open ya mouth so I can drag my feet and cut my yard

Broke niggaz always tryna tell ya how to get a dollar

Shut up when the heat holla, run hollow tips follow

Like prank callers..yall niggaz need to hang it up

I know Biggie, I'll take his Shyne like ya nickname was Puff

Ay, controversy sells..and I know I was wrong

But you bia bia's need to listen to that Lil' Jon song

This ain't no sisqo thong song, we the voice of the streets

So in order to keep the peace, gotta keep a piece

Just kiddin', don't touch guns, guns will kill

And that's real, when you still use ya dumb tongue to squill

Don't get mad, don't take everything seriously

But if ya rap and lookin' for a rapper to fear, it's me

Chamillion the Mixtape Messiah, get duct-taped and tie ya

to the table, open ya mouth and make ya eat barbed wire

sandwich, man this boy got to be signed

If he's not, then Russell want me to sign his dotted-line

Nope, maybe next time, underground I'm found

Sharks swimmin' in the dark, ya talk down now drown

So I'ma continue, to rule move get out the way

While the chrome metal 'copter blades keep spinnin' for days


Move Bitch Freestyle / Chamillionaire

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