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Nothin Freestyle

[Chamillionaire - Talking]

Uh-Oh, here come them WaterBoyz

It's the Mixtape Messiah

It's Koopa

Somebody feel a breeze in here, who left the windows open?

Vapors coming from my grill look like ya kinfolks smoking

Haters be singin' that song, "My Neck, My Back"

When they get smacked with the gat and be flat as a door mat

Internet thugs we pissed but since you wanna diss

I'ma take a pic of my dick and save it on a disc

The file name is 'Suck This' and You've-You've got E-mail

You ever diss one realest..va'to in retail

I'll extinguish ya english while grabbin' my penis

and spray it all in ya face like R.Kelly do teen-kids

Car so foreign the plates say 'Me Don't Speak English'

My money got pregnant so does that mean that my ring is

a princess, I pimp yes, car got raised

Tryed to count the rim inches it took me 2 days

I bet the car you'll never catch me listenin' to B2K

But I bet in the car if a jacker catch me, gon' be 2 K's

Off safety don't make me, show you my aim

I don't know if she still in school, but I know she got brain

from playin' on my ding-a-ling, but it sounds like a mumble

Cuz she's got a mini Mutombo on top of her tongue bro'

Yeah I can pimp the pen, but San Antonio

know I can come off the head like pullin' a phony 'fro

Ya metal-metal it's Chamilli-Yun-Air

Niggas is scared I knock a niggas chin in the air

And you know this, maan

(Chamillionaire - Talking)


Nothin Freestyle / Chamillionaire

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