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 Chamillionaire Chamillionaireрэппер

Parking Lot Pimpin Freestyle

Chamillionaire, look



Ladies and Gents, in the prince of all parking lot pimps

Yes I'm the Grinch and I ride twenty inch, like it's a synch

Might convince your woman, to let me leave my paw prints

On her ass, take a pinch while you watch like a wimp

Look it don't make sense, rims bigger than Shawn Kemp

I maneuver the big body, like I'm parking a blimp

I'm the thoedest speaker, to ever speak through a speaker

Talk down on Chamillion, I'll fix your face with my sneakers

I get more green, than a whole forest full of reefer

You just mad, cause you can't afford a smart beep-beeper

I'm the crooked chrome creeper, from the gutter young thugger

Chrome rims looking bigger, than your seventh grade brother

Not a lover, she just trying to put me in a lip-lock

I can't stay with you girl, I can only make a pit stop

Big rocks what I rock, and I sip plenty of Henny

While you losing your family game, like Penny and Lil' Penny

Even Arsenio Hall, the Chamillion ball

All them girls down South, is trying to give him the draws

Just look at me dog, if she ain't wanna date me she would hate me

If she ain't wanna rape me, she'd try to choke my neck and shake me

Dumb nerd, scratch everything you already done heard

I could go platinum if my album, was in mo' than one word

And I'm throwed with no drank, is that dank nigga no thanks

Don't think your girl see me on the streets, if she won't faint

Look I never take her, to the mall and shop

Some niggaz ain't tripping, but Chamillion ain't tricking

Pulling something foreign, off the lot

I'ma watch your lip hang, when I pull up on thangs

If you gon get with me, you got to have

Your own money, for a


Parking Lot Pimpin Freestyle / Chamillionaire

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