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Let Me Blow Your Mind


-Uh, Koopa, Look, Look, Uh

Hope you guys got ya party, cuz after the party

I'm leavin' wit all of the ladies and that's half of the party

And speakin of after..I'ma walkin' after shock

Cuz women pass out in from shock when they see me pass in the drop

But speakin of shock..how come she calls me silkk the shocker

When I drop my silk boxers, oooh it shocked her

Ladies come to poppa

Then come for poppa

When I come in the droppa

She'll come in her boxers

If they come to the hotel, then they come to knock us

Reason she comin' home is cuz I, come to drop her

off the boss, if she showin' naked gotta respect it

*Operator Noise* This number is disconnected, look

That's what you be hearin' every time that you call her up

Cuz she don't want you no more nigga, she wanna baller what?

Ladies if you want the Color Changin' Lizard to pay you a visit

When you lonely just holler out "Here Lizard, Lizard, Lizard"

If ya mans a asshole, I'll creep in the back door

With the latex, some whip cream, and a damn Lazzo

"A Lazzo? Chamillion please tell me what that's for?"

To tie ya man up..while he watch me spank it from the back, whoa!

"Chamillionaire, I feel em' man, that boy's a damn villian

That boy chrome be spinnin' like a fan on the damn ceiling"

Spray ya mind, 'tre in the 9, make em' all stay and line

That call me "This little light of mine", because I shine

I know I talk alot of noise but I promise I'm not conceited

Sike I spit my worst rap, it ain't a nigga can beat it

Raise my trunk turn on the neon's so a nigga can be it

If you don't like me, lick the dick on a stick nigga and eat it

Blunted and weeded, cuz ? to me I don't need it



Let Me Blow Your Mind / Chamillionaire

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