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5 Deuce 4 Tre Freestyle

[Chamillionaire - Talking]

Paul Willigan, you already know


You might think you got her, on lock like a locker

I already got her, comin' out of her boxers

If she's hot and got curves

don't let me spot her, cuz you will spot her hoppin' into my dropper

Whenever the phone rings ya girl never be home

*BEEP* nigga leave a message after the tone

"Baby, I know ya home, you were right I was wrong

Let it be known, Chamillion is incredibly thrown

You know when he show and open up his trunk when he glowin'

Never go over a penny of gasoline when he po' it

I'ma fan, Koopa's insane he's almost perfect

Never polite grab a wood-wheel, he always hurt it"

Sue me, for all my bills or my 20 inch wheels

If you feel that you can still say the lizard ain't real

after I steal you in ya grill and force you to deal

With the pain all you can say is that nigga to real

Koopa..my accountant calls me Mr. Discount

Cuz I throw him his money back and say take dis count

Me and my nigga Tigga is some thuggin' guerillas

Dub-Wheelers, footlocker never nothin' in Dillards


5 Deuce 4 Tre Freestyle / Chamillionaire

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