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Cry Like A Baby

Well I never lived through the great depression

somethimes I feel as though I did

And I don't have answers for every single question

But that's OK 'cos I'm just a kid

Well I've seen pictures of my mother

When she looked exactly like me

And I've seen all my friends running for cover

Running from something they can't see

And it's not easy to get handle on my life

but I have tried it time and time again

But I still cry just like a baby

And I answer back to feel a little free

And I still fly even though I'm gonna fall

But I'm too far to let it get to me

Well I'm not much like my generation

Their music only hurts my ears

And I don't hide my pain to save my reputation

It's too hard to keep up with these years

And it's not easy to a habit disappear

But I have tried it time and time again

Cry Like A Baby /

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