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Чака Хан Чака ХанАмериканская певица

Your Love Is All I Know

In my mind

I only see your face

And time will not erase

What I feel for you, I feel for you

In my heart

It was always you and me

That's how I thought it would be

Forever and ever


Where do I go

What do I do

After all that we've been through

How do I turn around

Just turn around and watch you go

'Cause baby your love is all I know

The touch of your hand

The warmth of your embrace

I always had a place

Here in your arms

I felt so secure

I didn't need anything more


Tell me how

Can you walk away

and find somebody new, somebody new

somebody new

When I can't see myself

with anyone but you

Чака Хан

Your Love Is All I Know / Чака Хан

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