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Чака Хан Чака ХанАмериканская певица



Turn, turn, turn

Turn, turn, turn

Turn, turn, turn

Verse 1

Bring on all the seasons

Repeat your earlier deeds

Show the children your face

Most of all teach them to...

Repeat chorus

Verse 2

Bring on all the colors

Don't let me forget for a moment

What i have to do

It's all so necessary for you to...

Repeat chorus


We will rehearse long and hard

For the big celebration

Spread the leaders among us

Like the heat's in the sun

Like the blue is in the sky

Like the peace in the eyes

Of the believers of god

Well if there's a will

There's a way

If we're strong it will pay

Look at the babies all around us

Like the moon in the night

Like a bird takin flight

Though this world is not right

We got to show them the way...

Repeat chorus

Чака Хан

Turn / Чака Хан

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