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Чака Хан Чака ХанАмериканская певица

This Crazy Life Of Mine

This is a story of mind, soul and heart

Come to think of it, don't know where to start

I'd take it from the top but we don't have that much time

So i'm breakin' off a piece of this crazy life of mine

As a little girl, i had a stubborn mind

Bonnie and me were wild most of the time

I used to sing for mama's company

I guess that was the start of the woman i came to be

Sometimes young, yet so old

Warm to the touch, intellectually cold

I love the how and why of it

Thank god the pieces seem to fit

Pieces seem to fit in this crazy life of mine

Never will forget from whence i came

I have some regrets, but i made myself a name

Two times a mother and as many times wed

Tough times were around me, but better times ahead

If your heart can handle these words i've said

I see you and me in this crazy life of mine



Чака Хан

This Crazy Life Of Mine / Чака Хан

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