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Reconsider (u Betta)

Please forgive me

I don't know what to say except i'm sorry

To scare you away from me

I get crazy and don't know what i've done

It's all hazy

Thought we were having fun

Was it so bad

You feel you had to leave me, baby

Now that you're gone

I need to belong, believe me baby


I would be so glad

If you would reconsider and stay

Reconsider, reconsider, reconsider

Baby's cryin'

It'so cold in our place

Inside i'm dyin'

We need the smile on your face

Don't need no money

I don't need no girlfriends

Want my daddy

To love me again and again and again and


Sometimes honey

I know i talk too loud

Short temper

I'm apt to cuss you ou

I don't mean it

Passion gets the best of me

Still i love you

And i feel like you love me too


If you walk out that door

You betta reconsider this

If you don't call me no more

You betta reconsider, reconsider that


If you think you were lonely before, you betta

Reconsider, reconsider this

That i changed the lock on this door, you betta

Reconsider that

If you stop payin' these bills, you gotta


I betcha somebody will, you betta


Чака Хан

Reconsider (u Betta) / Чака Хан

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