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Facts Of Love

Back when we first met

I think it was november

I remember thinking that

You had the sweetest smile


You have it

Command me i'll obey

It's just a fact of love

Mold me

Control me

I'm only made of clay

It's a fact of love


Sometimes i wonder what is this love

At once so delightful and frightening

Thunder and lightening (love)

The facts of love

With those moody broody eyes

You could be svengali

Just one touch - i'm mesmerized

I just can't help myself

You want it

You got it

You only have to say

It's a fact of love

You make me feel like i'm only made of clay

A fact of love


Sometimes i wonder

About the facts of love

I sit and wonder

About the facts of love

Чака Хан

Facts Of Love / Чака Хан

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