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Earth To Mickey

Come along let's park (let's park)

Can't you see what's going on

Come along gotta get with it

You're space bound and going strong

And he said

Come along lets rock

Shake your body don't stop

Cause i'm never out of fuel

You're good at talkin'

But at listenin' you ain't so cool

So you better get with it baby


Earth to mickey

When are you gonna land?

Earth to mickey

When are you gonna land?

(why can't you just come on down,

Down to my level here)

Tonight i'm watchin' you

And you wouldn't understand

How could you ever get so spaced out

And never ever land

I just wanna tell you

You're outta your mind

It'll take a little time

But i bet i can talk you down

There are unnurtured treasure

Right here on solid ground

So you better get with it baby

Repeat chorus

(hear me talkin' to ya mickey)

Mickey's rap:

Excuse me but it's hard to hear

Cause i'm way up in the stratosphere

I caught your drift

But i still don't see

I changed my long distance company recently

I'm not a guy that's kinda shy

I gotta get home before my goldfish die

My friends say i caught your eye

They say you like the way i tie my tie

I don't know why you wanna stare

Don't touch...i just combed my hair


Please talk me down

Where's the ground?

Hold on you better slow down

You might be 'fore your time

I think you got kicked out

From the white school of bump and grind

Mickey come along let's walk

Can we have a little talk?

You've been busted in mid-flight

Whenever you're puzzled you just

Put on your big red light

Chaka's rap:

You know i know what they mean now

When they say that you're all dressed up

And nowhere to go

Mickey really i been tryin to talk to you

All night i've been lookin at you

And lookin at you

And tryin to talk and talk

But you just don't listen

You're on some eternal flight

I just can't seem to make you make sense

Mickey, mickey

Repeat chorus

Ad lib to fade

Чака Хан

Earth To Mickey / Чака Хан

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