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Чака Хан Чака ХанАмериканская певица

Body Heat

Can you feel it, can you feel it

Don't you feel it, can't you feel it

Can you feel it

*give me your hand, i'll give you mine

Fire and water mixed up in one sign

My temperature's rising

And it's not surprising

When you're close to me, baby

So tantalizing

I can't help myself

I get so excited

Why do i act in this fashion

Why can't i control my passion

Start to freak out

**some call it soul fire

I call it hearts desire

Come on baby, gonna take you higher

I'm gonna give you the warmth

Guaranteed to inspire

***when we meet, feel the heat

Ain't it sweet, feel that body heat

(*** repeat 3x)

I feel your body heat, i feel your body heat

I feel your body heat


Oh, i like it, i like it a lot

Come on baby, give it all you got

I'm getting warm, but wait till i get hot

I'm a genie non-fiction

Rub me till you feel my friction

Чака Хан

Body Heat / Чака Хан

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