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Be My Eyes

Big brown bedroom eyes

They're bad for me

Reluctantly you hit me

To my vulnerability

I don't like this feeling

'cause i can't see straight

Something says i met my match

Courtesy of fate

I've always taken pride

In my independence

So afraid and careful

Not to show it

No - but you give me clarity

Like a bright green laser beam

I think you want what's best for me

In spite of my resistance

Be my eyes

Sing me, i'm your song

Make me wise, baby

I'll be strong

Constantly the ones we love scorn us

It's not for them to comprehend

It's none of their business

Misery loves company

I think you really know me

And there's no coincidence

My mama must have made me

So we would find each other

Чака Хан

Be My Eyes / Чака Хан

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