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[Cha Cha]

Yo, yo, yo


Yeah, uh

Another D-Dot joint, Cha Cha

[Cha Cha]

Cha Cha, Cha Cha

1 - I wear my sunglasses at night

So I can, so I can

Keep track of visions in my eyes

Repeat 1

Yo pretty feisty ain't she, eighteen she can't be

Heard he was some broad getting over then that ain't me

Cause I'm that broad that their broads tell more broads about

And on their mouths is the mouths my name won't stay out

Big benjamining in the slimming

And see me, I keeps in it

Chrome spinning window tinted

I can see me all up in it

It's only summer I have him moving out before fall

How the misses gon' let the mistress steal dough from y'all?

Have him taking me to the places he don't go with y'all

Be the one he sneak and call when he out with y'all

Come on y'all gotta admit it's kind of good to be young

Got his whip, got him whipped, and she don't know what's going on

Yeah I ran that bank account, spent everything in it

Took the credit cards, pushed the Visa to the limit

She be so nieve too the things you believe boo

If I was you I'd be rocking these sunglasses too, come on

Repeat 1

I see this industry gon' love me or hate me

But y'all aren't fans, ain't gonna make me or break me

It takes you a year to get a hit I can't relate see

Cause what you doing in minutes, seconds it takes me

Ain't got no choice so take your verbal spanking like a troop

We're all actors and I'm whooping your whole cast and crew

I make this vow if it's the last thing a sister do

To rip this mic until I'm out of breath or black or blue

This is going out to all your rappers who be acting new


Sunglasses /

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