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Best Of Times

Things get bad, times get tough

Everybody knows

You gotta be a little stronger

Just to have the things you need

Everybody knows

If you try a little harder

You're gonna live a whole lot longer

Had enough of burnin' up the midnight hour

Going out and stayin' far too long


You got to believe in something

When you believe in something

These are the best of times

You got to have faith in someone

When you have faith in someone

These are the best of times

Don't give up, can't give in

Never lose a minute

It's a long hard road back from nowhere

Love is not what you take out

It's what you put back in it

Take you chance, there's no doubt

Everything will all work out

See my way, I know where I'm goin'

I know I'd never think that I'd ever give up

I want it all as soon as I can

Right where I am


Питер Сетера

Best Of Times / Питер Сетера

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