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 Cephalic Carnage Cephalic Carnageметалл-группа


Septicemia, Yersinia Pestis

Delusional Hyponatremia

H2O poisoning without knowing

Tap water infects my throat

Nausea, retching,

pallor bowel movements

Epigastric discomfort

Consume water from the sink

Trying to rehydrate myself

Virulent liquid maggots produce

Rapid progressive condition

Instant depletion of body fluids

Electrolyte balance precarious

Secretion of intestinal polypeptide

Dilation of blood vessels

Asiatic cholera secreting fluid and salt

In the intestinal tract, viremia, vipoma,

Water born epidemic

Confusion in thought

Intestinal rot, Bacterial Fate

Trying to rehydrate

Leading to hypovolemia...

chronic renal dysfunction

Massive loss of potassium,

ion (K) from diarrhea and vomiting,

Reaching for the stash tray

Load a bowl... fire it up

Trying to control nausea

Internal anal hemorrhaging,

bleeding sphincter

and constantly wiping,

Lying in pain slowly dying

Wandering in disbelief

Yearning at the terror inside me

Cramping in unbearable I want to cry

Somehow this has to end

Same bacteria eats my friends

Drink Pepto-Bismal to remiss

Smoke a joint to progress

Pale and pink... acid vomit sprays

Dizziness erupts... I slip away

Immune system starts to fade

A fight with time

Antibiotics will save my life

Cryptosporidium killing inside

Burning and churning, intestines writhe

I am still breathing, but barely alive

Parasites dying, I come back to life

Cheating death, smoke another bowl

Regaining hope, bless my soul

The body is gaining strength

No more bloody stool, I hit the bong

Eating to constipate

Hoping I won't defecate

Water epidemic deploys town

A defective filter is what

Cephalic Carnage

Cryptosporidium / Cephalic Carnage

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