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Eradicate Authority

Driving down the freeway

About to smoke

A tulip of fresh pseudo nugs

Reaching for the lighter

My taste buds are enticed

I'm feeling high

Listening to Fleshgrind

Watching the idiot in front of me

Veer to the left, accelerate

Speed traps radars me,

Police lights flash

Oh shit... they are pulling me over

Runs to the car, smells the reefer

Pull me out throws me to the ground

In his panic, feeds me to his dog

Road is hot burning flesh

While back-ups destroy the car

All for a little bid of weed

Dog bite my arm,

treat me as a murderer

Please let me up

the handcuffs are too tight

I'm begging you please this is not right

These hicks fucking laugh at me

You bled to much, you're under arrest

for what your done with no contest...

Cannibal cop

You bastards will pay when I sue you

For the tremendous brutality

for smoking weed

While most people receive citations

You punched me in the head,

kicked me to the floor,

Blackened my eye,

bloodied up the nose,

for ingesting danga, and broke my arm

Said I resisted arrest

Nazi pig blessed man gay as hell

Prejudice too

Taking out frustration

or raping unsuspecting men

You bite their cocks

Glad none of that happened to me

Medical attention is at hand

Still I'm chained to this hospital bed

Then you'll laugh as if this were a joke

Throw me in a cell

with bloodied up clothes

You punched me in the head,

beat me in the ribs,

Kicked me in the nose

'cause I'm not gay

Nazi pig blessed hag, you'll be shot

by Christ-fearing men...

Eradicate Authority

Cops beat nimble,

Cops beat quick,

Crushing human faces with a nightstick-acapo

Cephalic Carnage

Eradicate Authority / Cephalic Carnage

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