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 Cephalic Carnage Cephalic Carnageметалл-группа


Up in the sky, beyond the stars

Lies the answer to who we are?

When time was born, the gods lived in peace

Lucifer was beloved by them all

And taught him the creationary pattern

Physics of birth, Merkaba!

Our infernal living force, but instead

He procreated a new race, somewhat out in space

In incubators they were born, bred to fight the great war

In the heavens, his goal was to conquer, battle broke out

Many angels and grey died, others led the sky

The gods grew angry and cast Satan to hell

The captured greys were sent to Mars.

Raping angels, destroying hope asteroids used to fight the way

Awaiting the night when Satan will rise, growing smarter all the time

Left brained demigods creating beasts that fly

Unholy vengeance in the sky

Lasers attack the pearly gates.


St. Michael prevailed this war

Defending his precious sky

And his faithful servants, all the angels who have died

The galactic federation are despised

After years of plotting, the second attack was not successful either

Still they wait to avenge

Galaxies and constellations are at war

The quest to kill the god for ever more

Monuments on Mars record the tale of a universe that thrived with life

Now their planet is devoured, they need to survive

Blasting through the sky, evolve throughout the century.

The galactic federation loathes these deities

Living here on earth they breed

Awaiting the Lucifer rebellion 3, will they succeed?

None of this is true, but it's how things are.

Cephalic Carnage

Rebellion / Cephalic Carnage

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