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 Cephalic Carnage Cephalic Carnageметалл-группа

Black Metal Sabbath

Black gate of the mortal

Sabbath held in thy honor, summon the anti-god

Is there nothing sacred, is there nothing pure?

Cool winds are abound me, from this fire well breath.

Embracing the myth

Everything I am to believe

Embracing the evil

Everything that surrounds who I am.

Smoke will rise from the graves of our elders once slain

Crack the whip, night draws near, darkness swallows me whole

Worship upon the dead, praise all Harassathoth

Satan summon ka-put ancients forces arise

Beelzebub suck my balls, Beelzebub will suck my balls!

Corpses' rise from your tomb

Paint thy light unto dark

Is there nothing sacred?

Sexual urge for the dead

War, holy war

Infernal names invoke the storm

The end of man has come to pass

Goatwhore shall reign supreme!

Lust for the dead in the cold night, a chill grasps my breath

I hold onto nothing, for this I shall fall

Smoke a bowl, read thy necronomicon

Balls of fire, erupt from the pyre

Of unholiness in my mind

Abaudahdine is honored to behold black metal sabbath!

Shootin' up to get my rush

This time I think I'll take too much

Barely breathing, profusely bleeding

I'd get my gun, if I could move

and put myself in the ground

Take a pill get all low, high again you jones

Twisting convulsing, overdosing, skin turns pale

Writhing in sweat, moribund death comes for you

Slicing your wrist as you die you now want to live.

[backing vokills by the choir of the damned featuring Dave Otero of

Serberus, Dirk Trujillo of Evulsion, Ron of Mandrake, Keith and Tina

Sanchez, Than and Keith of Deadspeed.]

Cephalic Carnage

Black Metal Sabbath / Cephalic Carnage

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