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 Cephalic Carnage Cephalic Carnageметалл-группа

Arsonist Saviur

Growing up a lonely kid Blaine had an infatuation with fire

Stealing lighters, matches, whatever he could get

Pyromaniacal son of an architect, working hard

Pioneering buildings that would not burn

Gained praise from his colleagues

Never anytime for a wife and son.

This would make Blaine mad

The ill neglect from his mom and dad

Infuriates him to see blood red

The only relief from the pain.

Ignite up the night sky

Tears inside, pain subsides

Watch the structure fall, immolate us all

His destructive hate, burnt the whole block down.

And it felt so good, gotta get away

Before I get caught

Worst case of arson the city ever saw

Policeman arrives so many casualties

All my family died!

Incinerating my house and everything inside

Paramedics could not save their lives

Fire struck while everyone was sleeping

Heaps of seared flesh, I was I were dreaming

I burned my pain away

Now that Blaine has grown, living on his own

High school graduate, valedictorian

Becomes a fire man, to cleanse his soul.

But the arsonist in his mind is still alive, urging him on!

Starting fires again building structures descend

And saving lives how I have to pretend

I am a humanitarian

Hypocrite that I am

>From my father I inherited the gift to invent time-ignited fires

At buildings of my choice

Then I sit back and wait, for the emergency call from 911

Sirens sound, burning down the hospital and stadium,

Both at the same time.

Arriving at the catastrophe, I see victims around me baked

Many souls have I taken away.

I work franticly to douse the flames, moving diligent

I start to cry, hundreds wounded!

Cephalic Carnage

Arsonist Saviur / Cephalic Carnage

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