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Through the Ethereal Vortex of Archaic Life

When skies did darken

It rose upon the breeze

Subdue the earth so violent

With blood upon the breeze

Unto eternal flames

Beyond the darkened seas

Shadows of lore crept

Death upon the breeze

Lucid death did consume entirely this realm upon the name thee malevolent

ancient Cthulhu. Skies of velvet night therefor uncalled by forms of eternal life

to the names of the Elders. The ancient ones do consume this plane once

more and hereby did make slaves of man. As were formed encompassing giant

shapes of the Ancient ones in praise of the new kings

Dark water turned red with life of men

And all men were pale with fear

Hear them call with pain.. this world will befall

In hopes dormant would awaken.. i lept from chains

Across land i flee.. Daemons do pursue me

Through tunnels i flee.. Ancient cries of the beasts

[- In Names of Lore - 5:64]

Fields of battle of the last stand

Great vortex thrust upon me i stumble

Ethereal in terms of mists i walk

Infernally bestowed upon me i fall

Names of lore were stolen from a higher self

Archaic fathers i call to thee to bestow strength

I will swear to you i do display the elder rites

Lore! hear me and do speak through me elder fathers

Do entrust in me oh the fiery throne of Anu i embark

Subversive creation fielding the battle of lord Cthulhu

Story was told unto me through my manifest unwaking

And i did lash out from chains of slavery of the Ancients

As i spoke the ground did open wide with flame

Cast into frost fire i do recall them empower me

As they spoke i fell deaf upon the world of cold

To the air i rose and did call out names of elders

Know that our years are the years of War!

And our days shall be measured as bat

Through the Ethereal Vortex of Archaic Life /

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