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Gates to the Spheres of Astral Frost

[- Across Time and Space - 1:5]

By the veil of light of deception

I stand fourth beyond all exception

By the pale worm the king of seas

Summon plagues of ancient disease

Upon this realm i have stood for centuries of chaos

Son of the sun, and lord of the spheres of burning

I did walk among the astral planes in veils of death

And it was known to me of all iniquity and betrayal

For the Elder ones would rise upon their old fathers

Would not i speak to them of fate of the Elder ones

For it would be their calling and their destiny of ruling

Yet my father would banish me as i did say nothing

[- To Walk with Men - 7:2]

Edin na zu!

Was cast upon me

A banishment!

To walk among men

Hear me Father!

I stand in your shadow

No more!

I call to the gates


Father of the Zonei

Hear my pleas!

I as nephew of yours

Beckon you!

Send gates upon me

That i may!

Be free yet once more

A burning disk did strike before me

Within flames a voice of calling

A test to be sent forth upon me

The zones of an ancient are falling

Choosen one!

Freed again once more

A test of life!

To summon thee Uggae

An ancient curse!

One whom would rebel

Elder fathers!

To destroy the curse

[- Fathering of Sorcery - 8:51]

In that way you have called upon me father of the sky and spirits of the

burning disks of light i do praise upon you the blood offerings of man in form

of sorcery they were well versed and known in ways of cataclysmic whirlwinds of

force. As you have sent the gates upon me i do ask to be known in ways of these

tests of my strength and wisdom. To be sent blind as thee who look upon your


Gates to the Spheres of Astral Frost /

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