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Omens of Elder Creation

Of infinite forms of malificent zenites

To the race of transverse spirits

Surmise the kingdom to golden scepter

Defy the ancient power and pass from thy gate

Open forth the gates of life given power

Bring forth a child to me

Hearken in impurity

From the gate ancient life given power...

Spirit... whom raised before me

Illuminator... of all impurity

Possess... the birth of man

I call... forth from sun

I call forth the ancient wisdom

I call forth the elder power

I call forth the golden scepter

i call forth life given darkness!!!

Fathers of the unholy night bring me forth your gift of life...

Form the birth from gate of night

Unholy birth from the fires of might

The birth of life of conquering light

That he may see and conquer all humanity

Sacrifice, Blood offerings, Remember!

Lord of the offerings of battle Remember!

The name of CTHAH666, Deity of...

In the covenant all is silenced...

The gate of life subverged upon ground

Thee i invoke... Come forth to me...

NKBA my child... BARRA! to the Earthen plane

'Tis the name that of Nergal...

Ye whoith be slayer of man and lions

God of war. Remember! Spirit of red planet, Remember!

In the name of this covenant, Remember!

God of the sacrifice of the blood of light...

The scarab has come from infinity

Invision the formation of unformed life

Opened the gate of life given power

Brought fourth a child to me

Coalesce in all impurity...Remember!!

Of infinite forms of malificent Zenites

To the beginnings of life given power

Conquer the kingdom of golden sword

Ia Nergal-Ya! Ia Zi Annga Kanpa!

Opened the gate of thy sphere

To one whom has no fear

Wielding the sword of

Omens of Elder Creation /

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