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The Ravaged Crimson Fields of Evanescence

[- The Markings of Destiny - 4:90]

The cry of war.

Hearken elders.. The time has come

Our destiny.. Is at hand

May dead rise.. Smell the incense

Stoop not down.. Yet rise above

Unto the abyss.. Unbidden hatred

Faithless depths.. Names of lore

Ashen graves.. Ancient in forms

Mist of life.. Beckon my wishes

I, the last of the elder force beckon once more

Waken so that we may reap our crimson vengance

Cthuhlu lies in wait upon thrones of blood and lies

Dead and dreaming no more fathers i do conjure

[- Masses of Destruction - 7:98]

As the earth shook.. Upheaving the lands

Infernal fire risen.. >From eternal graves

Skies did open.. Winged fates flew fourth

Uncreation of death.. Storms of fire

Open the gate.. Pass the realm

Ia ia dag! Ia kanpa gat!

Crown of realms.. Ashen graves

Mist of life.. Beckoned my wishes

All was silent..

[- Upon the Throne of Iniquity - 5:73]

Hearken! for our generation did come fourth upon this realm once more from our

eternal resting places to reclaim the land we hold so true from those ancient

fathers of iniquity, death, and lies.. Absu did stir with an evil rage upon hearing

of the invocation of the elder ones once more and he did summon Tiamat whom

inturn brought fourth Cthulhu whom upon hearing of this resurrection did strike

out with rage upon the body of Kingu and did render him headless as a corpse..

The dark waters did cease and sudside as the mighty Marduk rose once more

crying out in vengance upon the Ancient one Tiamat whom had slain his son in

the last great battle when dark waters did rise. Tiamat, sensing a presence and

lept in fear between the spaces where worlds collide for fear that Marduk would soon -aca

The Ravaged Crimson Fields of Evanescence /

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