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Dimensional Manifestation of Ashen Forms

[- To Quest - 1:3]

I stumble over hills of time to flee..

The vortex of death thrust upon me!

Through nightly forests of death running..

The flaming spirals of Cthulhu!

Rays of blinding darkness threaten to disperse my soul

Century of burning incense hath brought the maelstrom..

The black earth once white of life..

Those dark angels of the stars!

Tho i do flee the vortex upon me i did hear the winged cry.. Hearken!

I did fall upon the black earth and those flaming spirals did pass my soul

Liege of Cthulhu has turned away and i did smell the incense as i was free

And i did turn pale with fear as the darkness did lift itself from my body

Flee i did once more to realms of light wherein chaos has not found itself

As passed upon the gate..

I did spread thy wings..

Who would hear my pleas..

As the sky did fall black..

[- Banishing of the Alal - 2:12]

Begone oh kings of darkness from this world lest i conjure lords of the sun against

thine power. Open from the gate thee lord of the sun who is known by thee name as

Shammash of the sun.. The veils of maelstrom have cloaked my soul

Lords of fire, i call to thee

Fire raging, the sun is burning bright

Power of light flows in me!

Let it be told that i did stand against

And those who raised upon did fall

With blinding rays of light i lashed

So shall it be told as written upon the sky

[- Of Magick and Demons - 3:18]

I lept through the gate with rage upon my eyes

Stand i will against the armies of darkness

I did stumble out into the darkened earth with flames of light upon my wrists

As i did leap through the sky and descend upon the dark waters of Cthulu

Across the water i walked and did not sink in the name

Dimensional Manifestation of Ashen Forms /

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