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He was branded by the politicians

braked by the exile

Now he's looking daggers at the mankind

darkening the peace of life

There will be a lots of widows

climbing over the faints

It will storm a lighting warfare

the world will see his might

Heavy as a triphammer

louder than a locomotive

Spread the eagles of banners

The roman predator is crossing the door

The myriad of smoking guns

lacerates the sky

Lancinating screams of bronze steeds

flog the mellow jive

The enemies will be on the rack

under the rabid look

They will be returned guilty

by the eagle troops

Legions are moving forwards

shambles will be reality

Hell steelwork released

a blazing river of lead

Centurion is flashing

Centurion is marching

Centurion is laughing

Centurion is coming on!

He's burning, he's killing, he's swinging

March on, march on, march on

He's coming to get you!

Centurion /

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