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Ritually Slaughtered For Satan

Rejoice in the reign of Satan

Now is the time to purify

Make way for crisis

Welcome god's demise

Rebirth through violence

Renewal through war

God's peace is pathetic

Craving for hell

Worthless are the weak

Crush the cult of the Nazarene

Hail unto Satan, giver of license

To waste this world and the vermin of christ

Christians were born to be smashed

Beat them to death with their bible

Their god is a cockroach, made in their image

Remove this pest from the earth!

Last rites for the holy flock

Away with their corrupted lives

Darkness falls upon the lands

And god has nothing to say

Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam

Be done with them! Be done with this filth

Kill to exalt the lord of Hell

Offerings with blood and meat

Butchered and beaten for Satan divine

Blood demons of eternal death

Attend this ritual

Butchery on the altars of god

Bleeding flesh for the glory of Satan

Sacrificial slaughterhouse

Empty their church until nothing is left

Ritually Slaughtered For Satan /

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