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Dead Black Nucleus

Black and foul, the lifeless core

Of my existence

An open grave, restless and hungry

Defines my being

No creation, nothing divine

Shall escape the darkness

Fusing and crushing all that I sense

My vision of life

Is what remains to be killed

Feel the pull towards the end

Cursed forms disintegrate

Dragging bodies into naught

Your universe must die!

Behind my eyes, the sphere of death

Ever growing, all consuming

Grinding your souls into meaningless waste

Voracious tumourous evil

No billion lives can satiate

The blasphemy which I must serve

Feeding the darkness with those in my grasp

Feeding your flesh

To the black nuclear chaos

Feeding hatred with hatred

Pure hatred for creation

Feeding darkness with darkness

Utter darkness growning blacker

Feeding chaos with chaos

Malignant chaos ever expanding

Feeding flesh to the gorge of Hell

To the infinite hunger of death

Dead black nucleus


Dead Black Nucleus /

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