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The lovers of night in the fadded mouths

Brought the message in the hopeless solitude

Silent nature in the possessed dance

Bowed trees seem to pay the homage

Humiliation'n 'death the gods of heaven

Irony of things which are steel passing

Imoortal'n' eternal march of the mortyrs

Alone on the rock of might of egsistence

Dying in silence

Conscience like the rugged velvet

Empty balconies, the windows of closed lands

The rain is sappin' the blood from the death stones

Of the power of naked nothingness

So ridiculous in his sudden will of fight

Entanglin' the legs in mazes of eternal condemnation

The hopeless of life

The smell of thousands of candles burnin'

On the nameless tombs

For glory of the unknown pagan deities

You're overthrowin' the monuments to

Overthrow the myth of power

Thorn of rose hurts your hand

Too weak to beat the soulless stuff

The gloom of soul and the sea of destiny

Melancholy of the silent funerals

Dry flowers, tears like tragic jokers

No one know your name

Blue flowers in the moonlight

Are bleedin' of your voice

Melancholy /

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