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Dolor Ante Lucem

The rows of the even planted old trees

Standing like the aged monuments of tradition

Passed on of the eternal rule of the light

Immortal stigma and the chains of brain

The fall is paining the trees in the colour of blood

Flowerbeds of fadded and dry flowers

Like the human-beings

Sentenced to the eternal estangement

Cemeteries plunged in the fire of sun

Bare and empty marble doms

Overgrown of moss and shrouts crosses

Are screamin' to heaven for a fear of the light

I'm standing at the gate of eternity

With eyes full of pain gazed in nothingness

Vileness and meanness - those are the earth kingdoms

The daily torment of egsistence comes again

Every part of a clock

Energy and stone

Is a part of destiny

Dolor Ante Lucem /

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