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The Name Of My Bride

Burning in a hell made of my own

Looking for the you I once knew

Your love is hanging over me

Like a big black cloud of misery

Oh mother I beg of you to set me free

Now, like the tempting snake of old

She has seduced my very soul

She took my rib she stole my heart

And hid it in her bosom's warmth

Oh mother hallowed be thy name

For u give birth to us in pain

Maybe I'm Adam with a paradise lost

Or maybe I'm Abel, maybe I'm not

But as sure as hell I know that I'll be chain

Wasting love and my life again

Oh woman of sorrow, you guide me on

into caverns, where I do not belong

Out of your womb, onto the earth

Oh mother of my life, please give me birth

Oh mother of pain, please let me go

For you must reap what you have sown

Oh mother, my mother yes I know

The name of my bride is sorrow

Celtic Frost

The Name Of My Bride / Celtic Frost

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