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Fainted Eyes

Try to see through fainted views

As reality disappears in haze

A journey between eternal walls ...

The senses unfold before my eyes

As the endless dreams begin to reign

And my hands slip off the edge


The waters grow dumb

While they descend (behind)

Fainted eyes

Drifting in the streams of wisdom

While recognizing all those banal tales

Sin beyond truth, (I see) glimmering splinters

Encountering my past in flickering whispers

While they drown behind their frontiers

And the rulers sink in agony

Fallacy and false idols

Unbelievable is the human direction

But the screams die away in the distance

Try to see through fainted views

But the dust still covers all my dreams

I wouldn't tell you anyway ...

Celtic Frost

Fainted Eyes / Celtic Frost

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