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Nancy Whiskey

Nancy Whisky

I am a weaver a Carleton Weaver,I am a rash and a roving blade

I've got money in my pocket and I'm going to follow the roving trade


Whisky, Whisky, Nancy Whiskey. Whisky, Whisky Nancy-o.

As I went in to Glasgow City, Nancy Whisky I chanced to smell,

I went in and sat down beside her seven long years I looked her well.


The more I kissed her the more I loved her.

The more I kissed her the more she smiled.

Soon I forgot my mother's teaching, Nancy had me soon beguiled.


Now I arose early in the morning to wet my thirst it was my need

I tried to rise but I was not able, Nancy had me by the knees.


Well I'm going back to the Carleton weaving,

I'll surely make those shuttles fly,

For I made more at the Carleton weaving than ever I did at the roving trade


So come all you weavers;you Carleton weavers

Come all you weavers where ever you be.

Beware of Whisky Nancy Whisky, She'll ruin you like she ruined me.


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