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Entertain Me

Trying to please

All these people around me

Is trying to reach for the moon

(The Moon)

I see their faces Looking so empty saying

I hope that they'll finish soon

(So Soon)

Could be a chat show

(Yap Yap Yap)

Could be a go go

Reaction would be the same

(The Same)

So here I go

Though why I don't know

Trying to prove myself again


Entertain me

I'm as blank as can be

And I've done it before

And I've seen it before

And I think that I like it

But no I don't like it

It just goes on over and over

And over and over and over again

I try to give them all of my best

And it's taking a turn for the worst

(Oh No)

Things going wrong

Start to sing the wrong song

I think that we must be cursed

(You Betcha)

Playing the wrong tune

Hitting the wrong note

This is where nerves become frayed

It's falling apart

Why did we ever start

And do you think we'll be payed

(No No)


Build 'em up

Knock 'em down

I see a movement

Down in the front row

Maybe it's just a mistake

Sue's smiling at me


But he's frowning at me


Which conclusion

Do I take

Fold all your arms

And look straight ahead

At this puppet on a string

You're feeling confused

But you've made a decision

You don't like anything


Entertain Me /

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