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 Candlemass CandlemassШведская рок-группа

Cyclo - F

I read your palm in a bowl of spit

It's not looking good

Spirits low, yes life is shit

I thought you understood

You say these words, "why just me

I thought I did so well"

You're the perfect creep that god forgot

See you soon in hell

You ask if I detest myself

Sometimes, yes I do

I try so hard to love myself

but mostly I hate you

A zombie jerk without a will

You'd better surface now

I know I am the king of the hill

Rather reptile than cow

The sky is red as I watch you fall

I know that you belong

In a green and pink room of plastic walls

where no light is on

The proper church of your empty shell

There is no wrong in staying

Home is where you hang yourself

Where you end the pain


Cyclo - F / Candlemass

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