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A Sorcerers Pledge

[Part I]

Time stands still in these ancient halls

Only the castle itself can tell what it keeps

Dark are the secrets between these walls

hidden in shadows of death, while the sorcerer sleeps

Where is the morning

where is the sun

Thousand years of midnight

the sunrise is gone

An old man marked by a life so long

Is sleeping so sweet while his magic is growing so strong

Waiting still for new times to come

a thousands years to see if he has won

Where is the morning

where is the sun

A thousand years of midnight

the sunrise is gone


What has he done ?

Why is he sleeping so long ?

He wants to live for evermore

Soon is he young

n will he open his eyes ?

When he is strong enough to rule

Back in our time goes the legend

of a sorcerer so old

He drank the blood of the virgin to be reborn

Soon a tyrant will conquer

So spoke the wise

of the day when the sorcerer will rise

Blood is his wine

The sorcerer is cheating on time

and he'll be stronger than before

Cursed be the sun

the women will weep for his fun

In the name of his magic so strong

[Part II]

A thousand years have gone

Armageddon hasn't come

Only the cry of a child echoes in the dark

wards goes time

as the stars are passing by

and nothing remains of this foolish man except his fate


A Sorcerers Pledge / Candlemass

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