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 Candlemass CandlemassШведская рок-группа


One day I saw a man

dressed in rags, with a staff in his hand

begging for a penny to survive

How poor a man can be

I gave him hospitality

a room, a bed and lots of food to eat

Still I hear his last few words

"I can never return what you've done

but heaven will remember and repay"

Fifty years had gone since I saw him

I was dying and I'd soon be dead

Three angels stood in front of my bed

The first one she said to me, don't be afraid

I'll give you immortality and grace for your soul

The second had eyes of gold, gave me my wings

The third gave all wisdom an angel could give

.. to me

I joined with my destiny

I knew I was born again, an angel to be

A vision beyond my dreams, called me by name

So in devotion I spread my wings, to heaven I had came

.. to stay


Samarithan / Candlemass

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