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 Candlemass CandlemassШведская рок-группа


Can't you see, the devil in me

just take a look in my eyes

I will play for you, this wicked melody

it's magic will reach for your soul

It burns inside, no place to hide

this strange tune possesses your mind

It comes over you, and the nightmare is true

you'll enter the realm of the dark

You are bewitched ...

Bewitched by delight, you'll reach the night

dancing and singing to my fiddle

So take my hand, and understand

that no-one will see you again

You are bewitched ...

I am the master of the enchanted true

I'll play for your joy, for your soul, for your doom

My fingers they dance upon the strings like fire

weaving a spell of my burning desire

Sing with me, meet your destiny

set yourself free to the magic

So come with me, my kingdom to see

believe me you're captured my friend

You are bewitched


Bewitched / Candlemass

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