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Bearer Of Pain

Once a year the white robes go on a quest

In search of a virgin, a child of innocence

Born of Apollon, divine is the heritage

chosen by foe to accomplish a holy task

Bearer of pain, Bearer of pain

lighten the burdens of woe

Bearer of pain, Bearer of pain

heal the wounds of the city

I bear your weight upon my shoulders

I bleed for you and pray

I hear your moaning in my mind

I comfort night and day

From my tower to your foundations

my soul reaches through your walls

Market square of guarded bastions

I answer to your calls

The tears of the city wiped away by summer breeze

the pain is lightened by sweet, sweet dreams

The cries of despair are silenced with a lullaby

sleep my child, I'm with you, we are one

Bearer of pain

Now a year, her chamber is opened again

led by servants, the old one is barely sane

Marked by her burdens, the guardian can finally rest

replaced by another, carrying on the continuing test


Bearer Of Pain / Candlemass

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